Who doesn´t love a bag! We all love them, and there are masses of designs out there.

In the area of design, it is rare to come up with something completely new, we are all drawing on the same pool of traditional and indigenous symbols, marks, designs and concepts. I have a sketchbook full of ideas and this year they are being realised so I am super excited to bring you the first bags in my collection.

Some are of pure silk with embellishments, some are of my own hand-painted silks, some are upcycled from Moroccan kaftans. I am also designing bags with inspiration from Morocco; henna, traditional Saharan embroidery and textiles used by indigenous peoples. No 2 bags are the same, so if you see it and love it, get in touch quick before it´s gone. Just drop me an email or WhatsApp.

Henna and Tassels

For this bag, I had the idea to use the ancient art of henna as the main design element. Henna is considered a way of protecting the wearer among other uses. Tassels are widely used in Moroccan textiles and I thought they would perfectly complement my henna design. This bag is fully lined and interlined with canvas for added strength. Dimensions 33 x 37 cm with a strap of 108cm. Price. sold

desert life
tree of life (SOLD)
bio bags
textile bag silk
Silk Bag with textile design
Silk shoulder bag with Moroccan tassels and textile design with crystals. Fully lined. €80
Silk Dupion Bag Blue and White
Japanese inspired bag in blue and white silk dupion €45
Silk Bag Oceania
Blue silk dupion bag with hand-painted silk and crystals €50
Red Silk Dupion Crossbody bag
Hand Painted silk dupion in reds and greens with red lining and attached flower €50
Silk Bag
Red silk dupion bag
Upcycled Jade Bag
Upcycled from a Moroccan kaftan. Jade green crossbody shoulder bag for sale. €30
Amazigh Bag
Inspired by the colours of the Amazigh flag of freedom, this bag has handmade embellishments in Moroccan silver. €35
Amazigh shoulder bag
Hamza, Yaz and pompoms
Henna and tassels (SOLD)
Handmade bag inspired by henna designs from Morocco. €50
Tassels and Henna
Handmade shoulder bag for sale
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