Gallery of silk scarves sold

I have added this gallery of wearable art clothing to show other scarves I have made, to give an idea of colours and show the softness and vibrancy of handpainted silk scarves for sale.

Spiders Web
Blue Opal
passion 2
Shock Waves
Summer Delight
Solar II (9)
Rainbow Central 1 (6)
Summer Delight (1)
shock waves (5)
salt being added to the silk dye
process of adding salt to a silk scarf
blues and purples silk scarf
hand painting a silk scarf
"Solar" Hand Painted Silk Scarf
blue silk scarf
"Passage of Time" Silk Scarf
close up of design
"Passage of Time" Silk Scarf
silk scarf on the model
"Coral Reef" Silk Scarf
close up of hand painted silk scarf in reds and oranges
"Coral Reef" Silk Scarf in oranges
silk scarf hand painted
"Henna" Silk Scarf
silk scarf with henna designs
"Henna" Handpainted Silk Scarf
silk scarf in oranges
"Dawn" Silk Scarf
silk crepe gourgette scarf
"Dawn" Handpainted Silk Scarf
silk scarf in blues and purples
"Amazigh" Silk Scarf
habotai silk scarf handpainted
"Solar" blue painted silk scarf
shades of blues on silk
just washed scarves
silk scarves drying after being steamed and washed
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